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What Is So Special About Today?

Just In Case You Haven't Noticed

We are both here

No matter what our differences are

We somehow made it through all the rigmarole

Every day can be a problem

One we did not anticipate

One we could never expect

Never the less

It hit us right between the eyes

Like a pie in the face in the old movies

Now I just got claws in my back from my cat Charlotte

Hey, we don't do that!

As I wince all of a sudden

A weird combination of shock and pain

I think she was stretching

She didn't really mean it

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time

She is trying to tell me something

Maybe how special today is

Wake up sleepy head and enjoy this moment

Maybe something totally different

That we have to cut her nails

Because we forgot again

Then again it could be...

I am here

I need your full attention

Even though she sleeps by my side

She comes on our bed when she feels like it

She comes and goes as she pleases

If she wants to be patted she is right there

When she wants to be left alone she will disappear

Finicky as she is

Aren't we all a little like her

So I can't blame her

When she is so much like me

I am up early once again

The sun isn't up

I look at my wife

She is in a lovely, deep sleep

Where I know I was an hour ago

Not a care in the world

At least one that I can remember

With my eyes slowly adjusting to the kitchen light

I will be alright

I will do my best to see another day through

Not to the end

So much more

To a new beginning

When I got up to go the bathroom

My cat Charlotte follows me

She was also in my bed sleeping soundly

I tried not to wake her

It was no use

As I moved she didn't hesitate

I know if that was my wife getting out of bed

I would have felt her presence

Then probably rolled over into her warm spot

Feeling the comfort

Sleepy and knowing she will come back to bed

Because, just like me she had to go pee

It is way too early

She works later in the day and so do I

If it was about nine o'clock

Out of the blue she says I have to get up

Like a little bell went off in her head

Not me i shut off anything that looks and sounds like an alarm

I will sleep a little later close to ten o'clock

I love sleep

If I could get paid to sleep all day I would

That would be my perfect job

I don't remember many of my dreams

I do know I feel refreshed and well-rested

There are so many magical thoughts

I think about in one day

I care for other people and hope they are healthy and well

The President Of The United States and the First Lady came down with the Corona Virus

I pray they will get better

No different than if you were sick

The list goes on

As I often think of my many family and friends

Then again why stop there

How about strangers I don't even know

Basically, just because I didn't have the pleasure of meeting you

It doesn't mean I can't care and I shouldn't care

It is one of the gifts we have from being human

I think of how awful it is when babies are sick

Young children and the elderly

It is one thing to understand

To be in good health prior and then have to deal with a cold or not feeling well

It is altogether another thing

When you aren't well, to begin with

How can we really care for each other?

Stop all the nonsense

Always causing trouble and picking a fight

One after another

Every day I see it everywhere I look

In the news and now it has trickled through my work

It has seeped through my private life

Now this has to stop

I won't have any of it

I am not going to worry from day to day

I have so many more things that need my attention

That downright deserve my attention

Time is limited

There is an endless amount of hubs here on HubPages I want to read

About all the lovely things in life

That wonderful people have spent hours writing about

Each hub moves me in a different way

Sometimes sad and it really tears me up

Other times it captures my joy in such a way I couldn't

I could just as easily watch t.v.

There is an endless amount of programs to watch

I have been there

Many times before

Now as I get older

My desire to read is even more powerful

I want to read words and listen to those words dance in my mind

Bounce around rattling my brain

Like a gumball in a gum machine

Rolling down the shoot

Like all my favorite foods I can't wait to eat

Like all the good memories I have experienced

In my life

Here it is I am fifty-six years old

I have just scratched the surface of all the things I like

I am a lot like an itch you have to scratch

It doesn't stop there

It feels great

You couldn't wait

Then it will come back unexpected

It will feel just as good the second and third time around

I never get tired of scratching that itch

So when I think about today and so many more like this one

How and what I will do

Depends on my attitude and how I am feeling right at this moment

When I tap into that feeling

No different than turning on a garden hose

Look out world I might just be a drip

Then again I could go full force and be a real blast

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