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What Is Our Track Record?

So Far So Good

Every day is one more step in the right direction

There are times that I get sidetracked and go off in a different direction

I have to find my way

Slowly, sometimes really, really slow

I make the necessary changes that help me

There had to be a reason why I came this way

Was I not sure and had to try something different?

Maybe I wasn't thinking straight and later I had a change of heart

Even though I made mistakes

There was hidden progress under each layer

Almost like old paint that has to be scraped

It served a purpose and now anything that is left pealing

Has to be removed and new paint added to keep protecting

Besides, it just didn't look or feel right

No matter what other people think

I have to be the one

Sometimes I might change the whole color all together

That creates more work but it will look so much better in the long run

Other times we do a quick touch up

That will hold us over for now

Life can have many choices

We don't always pick what is best

Following my heart

I feel I always go in a direction

That I believe was the right choice

I can stand firmly behind my decision

There are times that later on, I learn

More information that I didn't know at that time

That helps me change course

The end result is I am happier and more satisfied

I always have to keep looking toward my deepest desires

In life what once was a dream of mine

Is still a very strong feeling

Now I am less driven by old thoughts

I have new ideas that give me a different look

I have clarity and more understanding

So I can move ahead in a direction that I will be more engaged

That will not only help me but my wife

Each of us giving and supporting each other

Making today not just a lesson

Like a word problem with many outcomes

One is better than another

We learn that through the gift of time

Now we can both be proud

Of what we not only did individually

We learned something far greater

What we did together

Will last longer and maybe even forever

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