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What Is Meant For You Will Come Your Way Eventually

Emee.chan is still working on achieving her goals. Progress might be slow, but it'll be all she wants or nothing at all.


The Inevitable

I'm getting older,
But my spirit is young eternally.
I still have enough time
To accomplish all that I want.

Get a dream job,
Travel to places discovered or not,
See the most beautiful sunrises
And breathtaking sunsets.

Fall in love at least once,
With someone imperfect to the world,
But flawless to me.
If I deserved that one, it'll sneak up on me.

I'm an impatient individual by nature,
But I learned to be patient where it counts.
What is meant for me to gain
Is worth all the wait.

Text in the picture was added by me.

Text in the picture was added by me.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković