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What Is It Anyway

It’s the everything of my existence
An observer of life
Without any sacrifice
Why would you listen to what I say

What’s in it for you anyway
I never seem to know
What makes you show
Your heart when I’m not expecting

You don’t have to understand
I’ll try to though, for you
That’s all I can say
Time is all that’s left
For it to be true

You want me to be stronger than you
How is it that it can be
That you’re weaker than me
When you can find a man tonight

What I heard inside of you that time
It was not a sure thing
I know what I bring
Being unsure about you is how I live

I’ll try to be appropriate
But for how long
I think you’re wilder than me
But it’s a woman’s right
To make me guess and be wrong

I’m so full of my eyes in my existence
I’ve seen more than enough
I should know what’s what
But what love has ever done for me

I talk to strangers all the time
Laughing, it’s all so easy
You’re too pretty for all of that
I can’t breathe the air around you
Am I fighting you or me?

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