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What Is Hidden Inside You

What is hidden inside you?

What is hidden inside you?

The pain

The ache

The weighs of heavy strain

Why you are so alone?

Fighting a war with own self

Shivering in the coldest winters

Shrinking in a corner

And weeping all alone

Why you are so caught up in a twisting trap?

Lurking with no hopes

No plans

With racing mind

And shoddy thoughts intertwined

Why you doubt yourself?

Accepting the defeats at the beginning

And thinking about falling down in mid way

Doubt about conquering dreams

And stepping into the sorrowing streams

Why you are so confused?

Trapped within thoughts

Behind those eyes

Holding back the guilt a lot

And ruining faith with lies

What you fear to lose?

Hollow beings

Disloyal hearts

Forged friends


Worthless pennies

Why you are so trapped in rotten memories?

About lonely shores

And bruised heart

About forlorn streets

And mournful beings

We face the storm

With scarred souls

When no one is around to keep us warm


Fear is not the place where you and I belong

One day we’ll reach at the peak of biggest mountain

Hand in hand

Tears rolling over our faces

The tears of joy and victory

That day you will know

You will know that you have conquered the mountains of sorrow and pain all by yourself

With just a little effort and push

- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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