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What Is Hard to Do Makes Us Think

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I Try To Avoid

Some how I don't do a good job

I get stuck in situations

That makes my hair fall out

With proper practice and constant effort

I manage to get through

Even though at any time it looks physically and mentally impossible

I have to do what I tell many other people

Turn the other cheek

Find a way

Keep trying until you do

Don't give up or give in

Stay positive

Think of everything else you have accomplished

That made so many wonderful things in your life possible

Can't turn back now

No where else to go

The boats have been burned

No way out

No quick escape

Only a series of problems

That can be broken down

Into little teeny tiny things that make up the big things

Each little problem has to be dissected

Then we can find ways to sort out the good from the bad

Soon we will see things we can solve

Eliminating a little at a time

Building up confidence and creativity

To move forward and tackle a little more

Putting us on the right road

Success will come to those who walk this road

It is impossible to miss


Stay strong

Keep walking and throwing out any new thoughts

That come to mind

Don't put any limitations

Soon results happen

Then this is where the magic of life blooms


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