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What I'll Wait For


I waited for the world and
Time gave me a crown.

I waited for the lion in me and
Time gave me a voice.

But what time never gave
Me was infinity.

You don't wait for stars, because
They're always there.

You don't wait for the air you breathe,
You just count the times you were breathless.

And when time gives me you,
I have my crown, my voice, and my infinity.

And there's a reason why.

Because what I'm waiting for is timeless.

A moment in a blue desert,
Just moon and sand.

Your hands run through the gold grains,
And mine aren't far behind.

An oasis reflection of your fingers
Running through your hair,
My appreciation for its subtly.

Your question of what your smile means to me,
My response: Everything.

I won't wait for the world.
I won't wait for answers.

But what I'll wait a lifetime for,
Is your smile.

© 2020 Arthur Gulumian

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