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What If We Could Make a Difference in Our Lives?

The What If's Put On Hold

Then life does matter

Everything we do every day does change who we are and who we know

Then why stop there

Think of what we can and do accomplish every day

Look at our past and see all the good that we have created

Don't let the insecurities of our past interfere with our future

How many days have we woken up out of bed and feel the same way than the day before ?

What has changed ?

I think we have an obligation to ourselves to create the life we want to live

Not necessary the life we are living

Somewhere along the line we get tangled and forget how to get free

Just like a hundred foot electrical cord that we didn't wrap up correctly

Now when we go to use it

We get one cord wrapped around another

We were in a hurry

We had no time

I get that

Now that I do have the time

Let me make a correction

Slowly fix things so they work easy again

There is no right

There is no wrong

Just there is what is and what we plan on doing about it

I was given a beautiful perennial last year

The plant came in the house last winter

I watered it and took care of it until Spring

Then I pulled it out and hung it outside

Would you believe we had some beautiful weather

I forgot to water it

It is almost dead

I am trying to bring it back to life

I am also trying to revive things in my life that I did not notice

That need my immediate attention

I think we all have areas in our life that we could do better

In our mind we toss them around like a fresh tossed salad

A healthy choice out of so many other choices that make us feel and be better

Some how we spend our hard earned money on the things that are good for us

Bring the things home to prepare

Go on with our day

Adjust to any problems that come our way

If we are not careful we can fall back in our old traps

As soon as a new idea strikes

We can easily forget the one before

If we are at a weak moment

We may pick those delicious dark chocolate, fudge brownies

Eat not just one but two

Then why stop there

Have three or four

In the big picture it is not a big deal

I deserve them don't I

Many things can be good in moderation

It's when we cross the line

Forget and leave our senses

Dive into the deep end

Without any supervision

So here we have it

My mind on steroids

Thinking what I want to do

Then doing it

There is no easy solution

Just one step after the other

If it is work

Exercising at home or at the gym

Writing one piece or a whole book

We put the time in

We get results

We can be easily swayed in one direction or another

Which is not a bad thing

It is only after we continue doing what is best for us

That we will get the result that makes us the happiest

Good luck in your journey

Every thought we do it separately

We actually are on the same path

Each choosing our own way

Each and every daty

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