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What If I Die Today

Writing poetries related to life and nature is my expertise. I feel nature is the only healing ailment we possess which teaches us humanity.


What If I Die Today

What if I die today, who will remember me?
Certainly my friends, but when? In need of advice ?
My colleagues? Yeah! They'll say, " Poor she."
Lovely family will look at the corpse, just once, twice, thrice.

What if I die today, what people will say for me?
Ill- fated colleen. She was destined to die early,"
Acquaintances will take the privilege of cups of tea
Siblings will praise little 'left' beauty of hair curly.

What if I die today, who will command me?
The masters of my life who claim themselves as or,
the upgraded society which will then stop provoking people 'gainst me
My admirer who blames me more 'n' love me no more.

What if I die today, who will care for me?
The land full of stones and crawling creatures,
And the air which mixes in every odour like bee,
Yes, they'll accept me and catapult me as preachers.

They won't judge my present, past instances,
They won't rule over me as a tyrant monarch,
They'll uplift me and my soul from grievances,
And make me alive in every rainbow and arc.

© 2020 Monika Kushwaha

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