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What I have with you

W. K. Hayes



What I have with you

Darkness flows deep within the mind

Trauma of dark days better left behind

Spirits walking the earth of the two

Beginnings are met but for the few

Lost images of a broken mind

Memories often are left behind

A single soul looking for a mate

Finding true with that first date

Two spirits roaming the world

A story of when boy meets girl

Two loves have finally become one

Let no one part with what is done

Dreams of tomorrow, dreams of today

Two spirits roam free but never stray

Happy in love with truth in the heart

One heart shared by love to never part

Two spirits, two souls and yet, one love

Hear the Angels sing high up above

For two loves is forever one and true

True love forever is what I have with you

The sunset we share

This is the view from our front porch...

This is the view from our front porch...

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