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What He Fled From Is More Dangerous #1


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There have been rifts between the island and some other islands around

His island is a small island with few population although the people there were

Powerful people spiritually and they had several of the ancient equipment for

War which other islands nigh by did not have. But because about four islands

Have come together to rise against this island, he as one of the powerful ones within

The island has met with the leaderships of the island of what they need to do to

Resolve the issue because about three of those islands do not want war, and if

They could yield to what he has suggested, the war would be averted because the

Remaining town cannot match them force to force and power to power, thus

They would have been forced to swallow what was in their mind. However the

Leadership of their island did not listen to him and it seems to him as if they have

Something they were resting on other than the warriors around like himself.

When they failed to hearken to his clarion calls, and repeated suggestions, things

Degenerated into another thing and the warriors and powerful ones from other islands

Gathered together to map out strategies of waging war against the island. They send

Messages to the island that they should be prepared for war which would

Take place at the valley of the slaughters during the time of the going down of the

Moonlight which according to the chronicles of time of those days would be in

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Fourteen days from the time the island leaderships receive their messages. The man

Knew there was no way they could prepare for such war, what they had not been

Preparing for, for about twenty years which was the time they fought the last war which

They conquered. They were able to conquer the war because it was an island

They faced and much so they have been preparing for that for months before

The battle broke out, but in this case, there were no adequate preparations. And

The leaderships want him and others to gather themselves together for the battle

At the valley of the slaughters. He knows what this implies, he knows that they are

Bound to lose the battle since they have failed to yield to his numerous counsels

Apart from the fact that they have not been preparing for battle they were

Resting on the oars of the previous victory and thought they had been champion

Forever, once a champion always a champion they were saying among themselves



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on August 14, 2020:

Neither do I ma, those who observed the mice (or big rat) running into the fire were also laying ambush for the big rat to kill, it will interest you to know that the ancient Yoruba fathers were farmers and hunters primarily. So, they would have come up with the proverb after laying ambush for the "damn" rat and discover that instead of it to turn back on seeing fire, it runs into it and then gets burnt, perhaps the rat was thinking it could beat the fire to it and would be nursing its body later, not known to it that it cannot beat it...Thence, they came around with the proverb that if a rat who uses to turn back on seeing a danger could run into a danger, it means what it is fleeing from it considers it more dangerous than the fire it runs into and gets killed instantly.

May I say that there are certain fire that kills instantly because of the degree of "hotness" an example of such fire is "oven" fire, fire that is used for baking bread in this part of the world, for we use Mud ovens commonly, although gradually it is changing now, but mud oven is still common around here, and the degree of the fire no animal can withstand when the animal is thrown there, the animal would die instantly. It is extremely hot.

That could be the picture of the fire set for the rat which it runs into and died on the spot.

I just come around with the story when the proverb comes back to my heart ma. Thanks for reading through.

Stay Safe. Much love from Nigeria to the family.

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on August 13, 2020:

I don’t like mice but good story.

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