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What He Fled From Is More Dangerous #2

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Having looked at how things were going and he knows that they will lose the

Battle and people like him who are warriors would be apprehended by those warriors

And would be tormented, he decided to do something about himself. Few days before

The day they would go for the war, he left their island without telling anyone

Where he was headed for. His only son had left the island for another land about

Ten years back, while his wife and other children have been killed in the previous

Battles. He could not imagine what those who the enemies would capture would

Pass through for they would become their slaves and would be severely tormented

With many of them while passing through the torment would prefer dying to living

He had escaped from those enemies and most importantly the watchmen set to

Be watching their island day and night. He had walked far into the wilderness alone

He was getting closer to a new island as he could see some things to the effect,

He has been thinking of how to convince them to accept him, that he is neither

An enemy nor in their island to spy them until he fell into a trap set by someone,

His thought has prevented him from being careful in the area, and because he has

Gotten close to the island, he never thought someone could set trap close to the

Island like that. He was in severe pain and could not move from where he was. He

Was at this position for hours until the person who sets the traps comes around to

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Help him remove those traps from him, by then he was in hypovolemic shock

Because he has lost blood and fluids in his system. The man rescued him took him

To his house with assistance of his son who accompanied him to the place that day.

After being rescued, and was undergoing treatment, he was not finding things

Easy. Soon he started attaining some stability and the people asked him where he was

Coming from to have fallen into such trap. He told them his island and that he has

Fled from war being one of the warriors, he had to flee because he knows they

Will lose the battle and those people would punish them severely because they are

On revenge mission, so he considers it right to deliver his should from them than being

Punished by those people for he knows that their punishment would be severe and

Stern than anything that he would encounter wherever he gets to. After telling them

This, the people confirmed to him that his island has lost the battle indeed and those

Islands have destroyed completely their island. Those who have heard about how

They were treating their captives of war have also stated similar thing to what the man

Said. About three days after this, this man died from the wounds sustained…