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What Has Changed?

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I Sit Here Awake While Other People Sleep

Sure the watermelon I am eating tastes good

A little whipped cream on the top makes it special

How was today different than yesterday?

How was this week different from last week?

How was this month different from last month?

How is this year different from all the other years?

These are questions I ask myself every day

I try to see if I am going in the right direction

Have I taken a wrong path that leads to a dead-end

Every day I wake up inspired and motivated to do more

I look around me and I still see sad faces

I am still shocked and in disbelief

How can they not see what I see?

Why would they not want what I want?

To live a life of happiness

Is it part delusion or illusion?

I have never been more excited to see what tomorrow will unfold

As I hear the fears and the worries of society

I can only think will this ever end?

What about all the good in the world?

Have we forgotten how far each of our own families has come?

How quickly people all around the world forget

My mother and father have both passed away

My oldest brother too

All my uncles on both sides of my parents are all gone

I have only one aunt still alive on my fathers side

Over fifty of my friends are also gone

Isn't it foolish to think we can cheat death?

Isn't it also ridiculous to waste the precious time we have left ?

So why aren't people enjoying their every breath?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize

We are all in the same boat

Instead of finding ways to sink it

Let's keep afloat

I want to sail with the wind at our back

Even though many times we will fight hard against the current

I think it is time

To enjoy the weather

Give us that beautiful sunshine

The rain like little gumdrops of water

Refreshing and constantly teasing at the same time

Those snowy days that brighten and whiten the world

The fierce winds that can be so destructive

At the same time powerful and useful when in need

The hot sun that dries out everything in its path

It also heats up and gives us great warmth

These alone are enough reasons for me to be happy

Now if we expand on life

There are amazing wonders in everything

The world is filled with a never-ending variety

Just the fact that we can see and hear

When will we ever have enough?

Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will go

I will smile one more smile

I will laugh one more laugh

Because out of my joy

Comes a lifetime of love

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