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What Happens When We Stop

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Our Energy Halts

We have time to think

What do we do next ?

Where do we go from here ?

We question each and every move

Have I done the right thing ?

Could I do better ?

These are some of my strongest thoughts that come to mind

Should I keep doing what I am doing ?

Does it all make sense ?

If not what will I do ?

This is what I know

I have been here so many times before

This is my familiar place

A home away from home

When my mind does roam

I enter a safe zone

Where I can find myself again

A spot where I am not going in any one direction

I am at rest

I am fueling up for my next ride

I have come here not to press on

Instead it is a time to regain my momentum and clarity

There are so many days that swish by

I can't even tell you what they were all about

As much as I try

They are so confusing and intricate

Each time I think I know

I don't

Every time I search

I come up with more questions than answers

So when my body is at rest

I take a deep breath

My outer thoughts look to reconnect with my inner thoughts

When this happens

I am on the move again

It is not hard

Things have a hidden rhythm

Everything moves smooth

I feel in the groove

Nothing is a heartache

A problem

A real pain in the butt

It just is something so beautiful


A feeling of happiness I am so familiar with

A deep joy

A friendship

A kinship

One that I have with myself

From here on out

I keep thinking and moving at the same time

Letting the events happen

That I can admire and respect

For I know there is a lot more where they come from

I am on a roll

Away I go

For this is the life I have been given

This is my life I have to live

So I will live it the best way I can

No stone unturned

Goodness pumps through my body

We know where our blood goes

We weren't aware

There is a movement

Quicker than the speed of light

Where beautiful peace flows

That gives us new prosperity and enlightenment

That we continue to share


© 2022 DREAM ON

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