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What Feels Great When Having A Bad Day?

What Can Make You Feel Great When Having A Bad Day?

What makes you feel great?

It has been a while.
I remembered seeing sunsets is one.
Here I am, witnessing the sun set.
Just in time, before dusk.

Just having my own me time.
To relax, take deep breaths.
Most importantly, to smile.
Celebrate that Life is Good!
Take my time to reflect,
and Be Happy for being Me.

Yesterday, may not feel so great.
But, Today is a chance to redeem it.
After all, it's a choice we have to make.
If we choose to be happy and make our day great,
It won't feel so bad.
Wake up feeling energized, relaxed, with a heart filled with gratitude.
That's how it should always be.
But there will be days, were you just can't help it.
You feel down, not feeling yourself, and exhausted.
Still, Life must go on.

What's something that's making you happy lately?
I hope it goes on so that you'll be happy always.
In case the happy energy and the hype calms down a bit, don't feel bad.
Too much laughter can kill you too.
There must be balance and moderation to everything.
Just calm down and feel the stream of life flowing.

What's something that feels great?
Maybe when you get to see the sun goes down and you feel the gentle breeze.
A gentle reminder that,
"See, life isn't that bad to be gloomy"
Smile because you are beautiful and so life is.
If something has upset you for the past few days,
Things will soon be settled for you.
For now, move on and be happy.
Enjoy the Present as it is a Gift from God.
Live every single day with joy and with a jolly attitude.
Don't keep frowning all day, or you'll age so fast.
Try to be thankful first before you start complaining first thing in the morning.
Acknowledge the blessings, disregard the mishaps that's happening.
Try to welcome each day without cursing and complaining.
It's a disrespect that God wake you up for you to just tell him that you don't want to live anymore.
God has million reasons to give you another chance to live and be better.
Don't waste it for nothing.

Still figuring out what's gonna make you happy?
Maybe, take a step outside.
You might see the answer there.
Pamper yourself a bit sometimes.
Take your sole to a place where you can feel great!
Eat what you have been craving for.
Even if it's gonna ruin your diet routine.
Have a great time to yourself for an hour or two.
But always remember, you don't have to force yourself to be happy all the time.
Take things slow, and one step at a time.
You'll eventually get there.
Just keep praying.

Just be safe, when you go outside.
You don't want to get sick too on a bad day.
That would just be too much.

It has been a while,
Since I've done something like this.
It's comforting and relaxing.
It was a great call to step out today.
A great Sunset View.
A gentle breeze from the wind.
The way you'd feel it's getting close to evening.
And it is almost rush hour too.
I've gained a happy energy now.

I can go on another day being happy and thankful.
Be cheerful and jolly as I am.
Because this experience just feels great!
It feels like I'm in a place where the world has no problem at all.
Where you can forget all your worries and problems in an instant.
And just enjoy being alive at this very moment.

Being with MS and PCOS, getting stressed and depressed is a big NO-NO.
So I have to make ways to feel happy from time to time.
Even on my own and not depending on others.
Otherwise, it will have a terrible effect on my overall health.
I have to balance and weigh things out before it gets worse and out of control.

Everything will be fine from now on.
I hope it goes the same on your end too.
You being happy, makes me happy too.
Hearing you laugh your heart out like there is no tomorrow is what lifts my spirit up the most.
I hope this has gave you strength and make you smile.
So at least I can be happy too.

Until then,
Do have a great and blissful life.
You deserve it and you are worth it.
Remember that.
Dear Beautiful Creature that God made.

Take Care and Stay safe!

I Love You so Keep Fighting!

Never Give Up!


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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