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What Does the Red, White and Blue Mean to You?

Ellison is a park ranger's daughter and farmer's daughter with a love for all things agriculture and outdoors.


What Does The Red, White And Blue Mean To You?

It means that you live free,
And to your country, you are loyal and true.

When you see a flag flying, what do you say?
That you are proud to be an American,
Both today and every other day.

When you see the fireworks sparkling and bursting on the fourth of July,
Don't ever forget the reason why.

Our ancestors fought so our country could be free,
That is how America became the land of opportunity.

Our forefathers wrote the constitution,
Which gave us unalienable rights.

We still live by this constitution every day,
That's what we mean by saying we live the American Way.

One nation under God,
With liberty and justice for all.

We have the strongest military of all,
Brave men and women who fight for our country,
Sometimes at the cost of their lives.

They fight for our safety to protect our country and our rights.

These brave men and women we must not forget in our prayers every night.

Those currently serving,
Or those of generations past.
We pray for all of them who made sure our freedom would last.

So what do you think when you see the red, white and blue?

What do you think when you say the pledge allegiance to the flag?

Do you stand tall and sing the National Anthem With Pride?
You should! In honor of all who have fought and have died!
Stand tall and show your American pride!


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