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What Does The End Of January Mean ?

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Only Eleven More Months To Go

To go where?

To the end of the year

Time can be feel unreal

We live and breathe

But it still isn't enough

We all get up in the morning

Then begin our day

If it is going to work

Off on vacation on a trip

We most desperately needed

Maybe just spending time with our family

Nothing could be so good

Shoveling snow in a blizzard

Reading a book

That someone put their life and soul in

Realizing everything happens for a reason

One day everything comes to an end

I spend a lot of time

Struggling with problems and things that make my life difficult

The unknown is constantly knocking at my door

I don't know why

I always open the door and see who it is

Haven't I learned by now?

Don't answer the door

When something in my life goes good

It comes with a price

A sadness follows

I wonder if it is the way life is?

Can't there be a good without a bad

Here it is the new year

I thought 2022 would be so different

I have already lost a loved one

My cousin Frannie

She was in a nursing home

I didn't get to visit her

I am not sure if it was Covid that kept me away

Life gets so busy

We find time for so many other things

Then there are times we do nothing

We can't turn back time

I heard she has been very sick

Life has a way of kicking us in the pants

It is not from something we have done or didn't do

I have heard many times

We all have to die sometime

I think about that for a bit

My first reaction

Not today

Make it later

Make it tomorrow

Next week

Next year

I need more time

For what?

To do what I have done many times before

Read and write ?

Something I was taught as a small boy

One thing that has carried me through every crazy situation

In life we can do so many different things

I like to do the simplest of them all


I take the time to close my eyes

Hopefully, not for the final time

To see beyond the pain and the sadness

To look toward the beauty and the nicest people I have known

In a world where people want to be great

To be the best they can be

To have more money and more things

Thinking that is what is needed

To make their life complete

I look in a different direction

I look for kindness and compassion

For the gentle touch

The love that we all have

We don't hardly ever use it enough

What does it take?

To help someone else

Not when they are in need

When they least expect it

I love the words

I am here for you

I got your back

I didn't forget you

I will always remember our special time together

Unfortunately, the last time we seen each other

It was at your husbands wake

How ironic is that

A wake up call

I didn't even see it coming

I was too busy

With what?

Thinking about things that aren't as important as you

Listening to the awful news

Where people still go out of their way to rob and steal

I can not leave out kill

Innocent people that didn't disserve this

Spending hours tuned into crazy politics

Worried about small problems that are really nothing

Watching and wondering

As we all fight Covid-19 and it's many variants

Who would of thought?

The world could turn upside down

So quick

In the past we had to worry about flu season

A common cold

That would come back every year

To haunt us

We would shake it

We might have other problems that knocked us on our butt

We always managed to bounce back

Never before have we been reminded of death tolls every day

We knew in the back of our minds

People die

It gives us a wake up call

A loud horn goes off

One of those super loud red party horns

Listen, listen now

When it is a family member or a friend

It hits home

I say why them?

When we see celebrities die

I say why them?

Little do I know

They are no different

Even though all my life

I had an image in my head

That they had everything

Fame and fortune

They could do practically anything they wanted to do

Yes, even die

So it didn't really matter how big their bank account was

Even though it would be nice to see all those zeros

It might just be more than that

It is what they have taught us about life

They acted out rolls we could not do

Who doesn't have an idol

Maybe in love with a movie star?

One that we will never meet

A wonderful fantasy

That we carry through life

In our most vivid dreams

For me it was Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeanie

Olivia Newton John in Grease

The list goes on

For a moment they make us feel incredible


Like nothing else mattered

They have taught us to dream

That anything can and will happen

Why don't we all start to dream again

I never hear anyone say

Did you dream big today?

What if we all dreamed together?

How great that would be?

Dreaming and sharing at the same time

How wonderful it would be to see your dreams take shape

Then one day

Somewhere in the future

I would be filled with joy

Not for me

But for you

When I can say

I remember the day you told me that dream

I remember how crazy I thought you were

I remember what we were doing at that very moment

Years later

It took some time

You never gave up

You followed your dream

Now I can say

What a wonderful dream it really was

I didn't know it then

I know it now

So no matter what happens in your day

No matter what day or month it may be

Turn off the bad news

All the things that make you angry and upset

Find a way to have compassion

Understanding with a touch of love

You may never be a Hollywood star

Someone rich and famous

Maybe someone with a simple name as Frannie

Plays an important part in our life

Changes the way we think

More important changes the way act

So don't wait for the day

That will never come

Do it now

Because we forget

We are all really special

Show it while we still have time

To the people in our lives who mean the most

We may not get it right

Do it anyway

Even a poem could be better

If we ended it with a rhyme

© 2022 DREAM ON

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