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Through My Veins It Flows Like Water; My Faith

Politics aside, there is much more to me. I am passionate about many things and those are the things which sustain me.


Through my veins...

What does my faith mean to me?

I wish I could explain it, so that naysayers would clearly see

It is not about religion, nor the pomp and circumstance,

it’s not entered into foolishly or by some bizarre happenstance

Through my veins it flows like water; mind, soul, body, taking it all in

Something greater than us sustains me, so that something new in me, may begin

Not to say that I’m made perfect, not to say that I won’t fall

but life’s battles are less impactful, the fear of defeatism is made small

What does my faith mean to me?

If only the perfect words would come, so that all could plainly see

We aren't designed to go it alone, but we alone, must choose our own way

While I don't believe this is all there is, I believe life should be cherished...each and every single day

God Only Knows...

One has to be open and willing to receive

The doubters voices grow louder, the distractions are more than a few

They can’t believe in anything greater, so their fear and doubt...well, that is taken out on you

Perhaps the believer and the doubter are both tested in ways we don’t understand or know

A person of faith doesn’t have all the answers, we too are seeking; but seeking the ways in which our faith might grow

So we move through each day working, to be a better person than yesterday

Picking the right foot to put forward, so that we may not stumble {as much} today

When we do, we regroup, we refocus, in God’s word is where we may need to be

For we too are imperfect people, even as we work to help non-believers to see

Seeking out the right words and the message, that might help just one to believe

Takes more than just a believer’s commitment, one has to be open...willing to receive

That’s as plain as I can make it, there are no other words coming to mind to tell

In him you’ll find your redemption, in Christ, your soul will be well!

It Is Well

© 2020 A B Williams

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