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What Do You Say, It's Time?

We Have To As Much As I Don't Want To

We were both off

Earlier today I had a doctors appointment and a hair cut

Then we had food shopping and we were going to come home soon enough

Before we do what we both dread

Lets do a little summary of what has happened so far

The last month of the year

Came on so quick and soon disappeared

One out of twelve

We couldn't wait

When December was finally here

My wife loves Christmas

She loves puttiing up the tree

Memories of my mother

With her little Christmas village laid out

Decorations popping out of every room

So many Christmas thoughts

Seeing the bright lights and turning up the radio

Listening to each Christmas song

Puts you in a very happy place

When it snowed outside

The ground all covered in white

Made each place looked so different

Every day the weather turned a little colder

Darkness set in as early as 4:30

Then on January 1st we started gaining back a minute a day

I still couldn't pull myself together

Busy with work

Family crisis to car trouble

A small cold knocking both of us off our feet

Looking for things to turn around

In search of a balance

From one crazy situation to another

Small changes seem to help

Big changes were too hard

Relying on what was good and safe

Thinking if I could only build on that

I would be closer to happiness

Depending on my inner strength and positive attitude

To keep going and persevere

Now feeling emotionally better

I could start to move forward again

Today was the day

The end of january and the beginning of February starting tomorrow

We started doing it

Puting all our Christmas decorations away

Taking down our beautiful Christmas tree

Packing it slowly

Together appreciating what we have

The history behind each ornament

Reminding us of our journey

The struggles we face

The wonderful joy of each moment

That continues even after we think it is gone

The only way to make sense of it all

Is to wake up each morning and think

How to make this day better

In some small way

As each day gains more momentum

We see good things starting to appear

Like a beautiful flower that came from one seed

It takes time and patience

Bringing us to a new understanding

A life filled with love

Chases away any amount of sadness and fear

© 2019 DREAM ON

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