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What Do We Need to Be Happy ?

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We All Find Many Different Ways

To find what we are looking for

There are a millions of ideas floating around

A love of God

To be healthy

Someone special to spend their life with

Loving their pets

A wonderful career

A good job, nice home, debt free

Doing all the things people are passionate about

Traveling around the world

Eating different foods, buying all the luxuries life can offer

Working out to get in great shape

Playing sports or dancing

Watching movies and reading books

After all this is done

What is next ?

Is life complete ?

How about making everyone you meet happier ?

Can we really do this ?

When we meet someone

No matter who

Can we treat them nice and listen to them

I mean really hear what they have to say

If they are having a bad day

Maybe all they need is a person to understand what they are going through

Give them support

Share their thoughts and feelings

Knowing they are not alone

I for one like a great combination of all of the above

So in the time that we spend here on earth

Why not enjoy

These are some of the things that mean the most to me

I love my alone time

Writing and thinking about life

Seeing the littlest and the biggest things that make up our world

From a small tree on the corner of the road

To a huge sun that lights up each day

The tiny snow flakes that fall from sky

The dirt ground that covers every step we take

From the air in our lungs to all the water we drink

Keeping our bodies alive

Either way find what suits you best

I think you look marvelous

Now your feelings match your looks

You are incredible in the inside and out

Have a great rest of the day

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