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What Could Have Ended, But Didn’t;

Raizen is a high school student with numerous awards relating to poetry and literature as well as a literary writer for the journalism club.


the semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended but didn't. When used as a tattoo, it represents when a person could have ended their life but chose not to.


These scars

are not trophies

They are reminders;

That dying is easy,

But living is harder

Did you ever wonder

Which choice

Was the harder?

To handle the knife?

Or know that,

I was no martyr

These scars are not evil,

They can’t be condemned.

But you know what can be?

Denying, you have a friend;

And to justify that that was

“The End”

Though I have these scars

I will not be broken

Because I was given a chance,

To take a road not taken.

And I’ve learned to believe,

That if chances are given

Then it should be taken!

So the next time you think

of getting these scars,


And look up to the stars.

And count.




And once you’ve pondered

on each shimmering wonder

I think,

you would have gotten your answer

For those concerned

Please don't be! This poem isn't drawn from personal experience, rather is it from a specific person I know. It is simply a perspective of a person who might have done the act and what I thought they would say to people who would think to do the same! I was just inspired by a project we had to do in school, actually!

© 2022 Raizen Richard Sanchez

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