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What Calmed Him Down #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


As the election period draws nigh, it is noted of him that he

Piped low and stops talking about different things, even things he should talk about he

Remained silent on them. People cannot but decipher what this mean with time and they note

That he plans to seek re-election into his office, thence he wants to play smart so that

People will think he has changed. Even at some instances, he has invited into the community

Which he governs some religious leaders and has shown the people that he has become a

Changed person because he knows that the people of the community likes religion. They

Are full of religion but their hearts are far from their maker and creator because they do

Things that those who do not believe in God cannot do. This new assumed position of his

Actually won the hearts of many people who are religious bigots as they continued to

Campaign for him that he is a nice person and that the devil that has been known before is

Better than an unseen and unknown angel. They should give him a second chance because

God is a God of second chance they used to say, and when they give him a second chance

All those changes they required of him he will do, he has learnt his lessons, and it is human to

Err but divine to forgive they say. Some people while talking at the newspaper stand say of

The development in the community that if anyone says that the man would pipe low like

This they would even bet it with their testicles but look at how he has changed. His changes

Is associated with his re-election bid, assuming he is not going for the post the second term, it

Is sure that he will not pipe low because yesterday’s stone is still a stone and has not

Changed his characters. Because he has not acted well, the people of the community met and

Resolved that he must be reelected into the office, because he is not a good representative of


The community to the outside world. He tried all he could to win back the people’s heart

As he started adding human face to what he is doing and signing some bills that have been

Made by the legislative arms of the government all in a bid to win the people’s hearts. The

Journalists on seeing the development too could not but made mention of those new

Things that he is doing and are looking at what the populace will do, for the politicians used

To say that the electorates have a way of forgiven their leaders. Thence, they were thinking

That with these 11th hour changes they really hope the electorates have forgiven him and

Would give him another chance to steer the ship of the community. The people of the

Populace after another meeting say they will not discourage anyone nor stop anyone from

Voting from the candidate of his or her choice but as for them, they have made their

Decision and they are not changing their position from their earlier stance. As the period of

The election draws nigh, the people have called secret meeting with all stake holders of the

Community and had told them that they should vote the man out, because he has betrayed

Their trusts. He did all he could to ensure that he is returned to office, but the people’s mind

Has been made up and he was voted out of office on the day of election, to teach him a lesson

That when one gets to the position of authority one needs to know that he is a servant

Leader and should not unduly use his power to satisfy his cronies and friends but should

Know that even his enemies voted for him before he could get to the position because

Politicians’ friends’ votes alone can win for them the election. When he lost the election he learnt his lessons, and started applying wisdom to many things in the society…