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What Calmed Him Down #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The introduction of government of the people by the people and for the people in the

Society has given birth to so many things in the island, different people have joined politics

At the introduction of it into the island even those who ought not to join politics those who

Are fraudsters have joined politics because they have found it as a means of oppressing

And continuing to dominate and avoid the radar of the security personnel in the island. The

Decent people do not have the kind of money that is required to join politics as such they

Have left it for those who have gotten their wealth illegally in the island and those people

Keep doing the illegality, oppressing the poor and using their political positions to evade

Security personnel and the law in the island while the poor are being focused by the security

Personnel with the sledge hammers of law being used on them for any slightest error they

May have committed and when natives complained about this, the security personnel will

Say, of those people that immunity covers them. if the commoners want to protest they will

Get them arrested and imprisoned and if they talk about anything they will ask that the

Military people shot them at sight, shooting to kill, because they are dangerous to the society,

Those dangerous to the society would be ignored and left alone when they can get the

Political pass, while the poor continues to suffer. As the people continue there was this

Young man who has gotten is money illegally, through drug pushing, Internet Scam of

Different degrees who after getting those wealth has thought within himself that what he

Needs to do is to join politics because he has been flagged and declared wanted in different

Countries for different offenses but because he has money, he bought his way into the ruling

Political party of the republic. Since he has given the leadership on seat support and has


Sponsored his political train he was given a pass and all his sins were pardoned and

Overlooked. He promised the leader that he is going to his area to deliver the area to him

Because it was the opposition party that is governing the area since the inception of politics in

The island. On getting to the island he began at the grass-root level and from there build his

Way to the top and during the election, he contested for the position of the leader of the

Community. Since he has been showing his support for the poor among the people, he was

Voted for en-masse by the people and the opposition governing the community lose its

Stand. While he assumes the position of authority within the community he addresses people

Anyhow, he does not add human face to his leadership. He talks like a parrot, he can say

Anything even what she ought to not speak against, what he knows nothing about, but

Because he has assumed the position of authority he thinks he can say anything to anyone.

While doing this he has the support of riffraff and the leaders at the center because he belongs

To their party. At the next general election after the leader he sponsored his campaign’s

Tenure expires, the party which he belongs to was voted out of the center and he now

Becomes man alone in the party he belongs to. As a man alone he wants to prove that he is

Fighting for the masses and thence continues to cast mud-sling, say different terrible

Things against the new people and party at the center wanting to discredit them. As he

Continued to this people who loved him do not love him again because his mouth is like that

Of a basket that cannot hold water, he talks like a psychiatric patient with no decorum nor

Manners. While doing this many of the political analysts have been analyzing his chances of

Winning the next election because according to constitution he can run for the office he is occupying the second term.


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