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What Attracted Me to You

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He has just relocated

To the area, not

Known to many people,

Except few adults in the area

Youths were wondering which

Kind of person is

This, that does his

Things alone hardly mingling

With people in the

Area, especially the youths

He doesn’t look like

Adult thus should join them, they opined

Though some adults consider

Him to be one

Of them, when they

Were told his age

He’s even older than

Some of those who

Have classified themselves

Among the adults in the area

Some find it hard

To believe that he

Could have clocked that

Age, for he doesn’t look it

He looked half his

Age to people. What

Could be the secret

Behind this, Youths asked themselves

No one among them

Want to move close

To him they are

Afraid of him.

But he was as

Gentle as a dove,

As eagle careth for

Its children so careth he for its own

Very patient like

Ass and reliable like

A tree in the wilderness

That someone rests on

These attributes and more

Many do not know

And they say introverts

And people who hardly talk

Are the most dangerous people

To be associated with

In the world. This

Push many off him

He was undeterred by

That as he keeps

Maintaining himself keeping the

Low key estate known for

I was one of those

Looking at you from

Afar then one night

I dreamt a dream

This she told him

After they had become

Acquaintance with each

Other deeply subsumed in love

As she continued with

Her narration. In my dream

I found you in great

Splendor you were in white apparel

With all gold crown

Placed on thine head

You were controlling people

And things hearken unto thee

Light surround all about

You reveal your stature and

Mien like one of

The angels in the heavenlies

Thou spotted me in

The dream and bided

Me to draw close to thee

As I moved closer

You embraced me and

Your hands all around

Me was soothing I

Felt comfort and warmth


Then I left the

Terrestrial world to physical

It pained me that

The dream was soon truncated

Lay I back on

The mat for I

Desire to go back

Into the unknown land

I wanted to dream the

Dream again for as

The writer says, the dream

Sweetens me. Alas! It wasn’t continued

Maybe later, but it

Never occur again. Then

Reasoned I within me

What to do about it

This kind of dream

Is not ordinary, it

Transcends physical. It suggests

To me that you are special

You have something hidden

That is suigeneris that

I would not be

Able to tap into when far from thee

Distancing myself from thee

Would deprive me the

Knowledge of those things

I should get from thee

As the writer says

Draw closer to me

And I will move closer

Unto thee, so I viewed

But you were and

Are very reserved, how

Do I break this

Boundary I asked myself

Then it crossed my

Mind to approach thine

Territory as one of

Thine students then came I as one

You warmly welcomed and

Embraced me like it

Was in the dream and thine words comforteth me

I was elated receiving

This warm comfort from

Thee as I started

To follow thee “innerly”

This was when I discovered

I had missed for not

Associating with thee sooner

Than then, but it’s better

The lost grounds I

Was able to recover

And me lose not

Totally unlike some people

One day, adrenaline in

Me surged up and

Another feeling overwhelmed me

Which was caused by increase oxytocin

The love hormones continue

To increase in my system

And I started seeing

Myself in thine arms

But it seems as

If thee never noticed this

For thou art been

Subsumed by thine undertakings

I kept the hope

Alive day dreaming of

When I would be

Yours until death part us

Almost lost hope is

Me this fantasizing imagination

And I would have

Bell the cart

But for cultural limitations

I put myself under

Restraints lest I be

Negatively viewed by thee

It then happened in

A day that continues

To ring bell in

My memory when thou speakest to me

For thee have not

Spoken to me in

That light before; thou

Spoke to me affectionately

Your word passed through

Sinews and marrows piercing

Into the deepest of

My beings settling there

The feeling is indescribable

The expression uncontrollable the

Emotion overwhelming because I

Was full of the joys like the springs

Now I know that

Me shall be in

Thine arms forever as

Thou be sunshine that warms me

Though giving light to

Everyone but they won’t

Be warmed like I

Do under thine radiation.

He was looking at

Her, listening to her

Intriguing story as they

Entered the new car he bought


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