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What An Amazing Thing It Was!!

(also spelled as 'Abhishek Nayak') Writer, Blogger


What an amazing thing it was!!

That’s the way he reacted when he saw that thing

When he moved ahead to feel it, be a part of that thing,

it gave him some powers which he never had

With the powers he had got,

He started doing things which he had never done,

Which kind of separated him from his boring and stressful world

The powers which he had got,

Had given him an identity

Which was much better and more impressive than his real one

And it made him look better among the other ones

The powers made his abilities more influencing and more able whether good or bad

The more power it gave to his abilities,

the more people got attracted to him

The more the people got attracted to him

the more they got closer to the ‘Real Him’

After the attraction,

Some of the people liked the ‘Real Him’,

Some liked the ‘Other Him’ and

Some couldn’t believe that the ‘Real Him’ and the ‘Other Him’ are two parts of him

Some hated him, some liked him and some understood him

After knowing about his two parts, the ‘Real Him’ and the ‘Other Him’ he had become

after getting the powers from that amazing thing


He got to know that anything amazing does give some weak points

Like he had got from the powers which he had got from that amazing thing


He doesn’t need to separate his ‘Real Him’ from the ‘Other Him’

For using those powers which he had got from that amazing thing

© 2021 Abhisek Nayak