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"What Am I to You?" : A Question You Always Asked to the Person Who Always Choose You

Poetry brings Solace,,, wrote a poem to remind myself that Im not alone, and there's more to life than I imagine


What am I to you?

You are the one who showed me

The importance of life

The one that keeps my story

Worth writing

You are that person who made

My years interesting

Like a puzzle,

You keep me going

You are someone I thought

I’ve known already from the past

A highlighted quote

You exist in the present

And for the future I think you are

My last

You are that guy I’m wising for

To me,

So much valuable

Your smile are priceless

Surely you’re an art of a



Your eyes are fearless

Your weird appearance

Revealed your kindness

What you are doesn’t really matter

Maybe someone homeless

Or a mad hatter

I don’t care

For I know already who you are

You are here

(put your hand on my chest)

You are MINE.

© 2018 Jai Hitachiin

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