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What's a Poet to Say?


Children died because they were in the way
They said we don't target the innocent
When you decide to go to war
You decide that everyone will pay
What's a poet to say?

The children were brought over that day
They did not know their parents predicament
Now it's twenty years maybe more
Why is it they can't stay?
What's a poet to say?

Their graveyards were all in the way
Progress was what disturbed the sediment
Their grandfathers died just like theirs before
Now their spirits are disturbed where they lay
What's a poet to say?

The oceans rise while the ice melts away
We fight while Noah celebrates a sacrament
Rainbows promise death will never again pour
This time a man will be the one to betray
What's a poet to say?

There is no madness my tears can slay
There is no man for me to kill or torment
No, I'm not going to be the destroyer
But what if it saved your son today?
What am I to say?

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