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What A Marvelous Day

Rosualdo is just an ordinary person with an extraordinary God, who wants to spread God’s words and love through writing articles and poems.


Birds sing a delightful melody

Underneath a huge fine tree

Fascinated by an amazing scenery

What a marvelous day

The sun glows so dazzlingly

To manifest the nature’s beauty

Butterflies and bees flew freely

What a marvelous day

Animals run and roves willingly

Enjoying the joyful journey

Fishes swim and moves happily

What a marvelous day

Flowers bloom conveniently

Stealing the spotlight swiftly

Winds blow gently and softly

What a marvelous day

Grasses made a greeny display

Showcasing its soothing beauty

Plants sprang and grows healthy

What a marvelous day

Waterfalls drops continuously

Making a refreshing showy

Rivers shake hands with the sea

What a marvelous day

All are created by God Almighty

To show his majesty and glory

Let's enjoy the beauty we can see

What a marvelous day

© 2021 Rosualdo Ponce

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