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What A Great Day To Have Two Teeth Pulled

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Dentists Such A Touchy Subject

I thought I would ask the dentist to pull one save one

Nope no chance

They are bad teeth and have to go

Now two hours later both teeth out

One cracked and broken

The other one deep down infection at the root

Either we pull them now or later

If we wait you can have a bigger problem later

Rest up


Don't do any lifting

If serious pain or lots of bleeding

Call us

Put ice on and off for swelling

Don't have anything too cold or too hot

Don't eat on that side

Rinse with salt water tomorrow not today

Let the stitches heal

Sit up and don't lay down

So far so good

I am looking fine

That's all I remember

I usually read about other people having issues

Now it's all about me

I don't like it one bit

I like being on the sidelines than center stage

Give it time

Things will change

Not fast enough for my liking

There is nothing I can do

Hope your day is looking bright and full of good things about to happen

If your day is a little under the weather or worse

You have to share it with me

So we both can go tit for tat

Laughing what happens next

Getting all the heaviness off our chest

Our cat Charlotte just threw up

Now she wasted no time

Going back to eating

Like what happened a few minutes ago was awful

But I will never let that interfere with right now

I am learning about life from my cat

Free advice

Life can't get better than that

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