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What a Good Day to Get Things Done

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Full Of Energy

These are the moments I have been waiting for

When my thoughts and my actions connect

I am not fighting my way

I am not confused or flustered

It is true

I am having the simple pleasure

One that can be described

As a good vibe

A smooth car ride

When you have a good nice rhythm

A steady flow that puts your whole body at ease

My wife reminds me don't get lost

I remind her I am just eating a few string beans

Then I am off like a jack rabbit

There is no impatience

No wishing something could be

Just a heck of a lot to do

And watching everything get done

Off to do a little more wherever it is needed

I am lightning or a bad day

I strike hard and fast

You may hear the thunder roar

I go into action

There is nothing so exciting and invigorating

So quick

Your eyes couldn't see it all

Your mind can't picture it all

But it still happens

© 2022 DREAM ON