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What A Day Can Bring

A Touch Of The Past And Present

I am so blessed

My cat Charlotte sits by my side

As my wife watches Christina on the Coast on t.v.

The rain has been off and on all-day

Coming down hard at times

Leaving large puddles as proof

We never left the house

I slept late

While my wife paid the bills

We both cooked meals and had snacks

Played a board game

Both super excited to spend time together

I watched and learned more about World War 2 on the computer

Such sad stories as historical events unfolded

My heart can't even begin to imagine the pain and suffering

Here I have unlimited freedom and joy

Where many people before me had no choice or rights

I will always be grateful

For all the men and women who helped other people

In the darkest of times

Here I go to complain

My list can be long and lengthy

Our washing machine broke

My watchband broke

At work, my hours constantly change

Raises are a thing of the past

Cleaning at home is at a halt

Family events and obligations dominate

Rain outside made our garden struggle

Unforeseen bills appear as often as those annoying pop-ups on the computer

My dentist reminds me my tooth can not be saved

It has to be pulled

I get in a low mood

That has a way of bringing me down

I take two steps forward and one step back

How silly I am?

How ridiculous everything I think that bothers me

Is nothing in reality

As we eat without worry about food on the table

More than enough clothes to wear

A car with a spare

A nice comfortable bed to sleep in

Cooler weather for wonderful days and nights

We are both healthy

Along with our families

There are many things I want to do

I just don't have the time to get too

Life is a puzzle

We all can take a piece

One day we might just solve

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