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A Continual Saga of a "Younger-than-Now" Poet from the Highly-Esteemed State of Texas proclaiming more Poetic-able Prose using just pure wit

"Westbury Square": A real classic and popular Market square with an international flair...large outdoor walkways...Unique venues. Probably killed off by indoor Malls with A/C...which now are fighting their own extinction.

"Westbury Square": A real classic and popular Market square with an international flair...large outdoor walkways...Unique venues. Probably killed off by indoor Malls with A/C...which now are fighting their own extinction.


This Poem is strictly nostalgic. It may only strike a chord with someone who grew up in "back-in-the-day" Houston (Westbury Area). Before it became such a mega-huge it is today.

In 2021, Houston doesn't look or feel like anything that I remember about Houston.

Someone says: "What is Houston like?" I have to say: "I don't know. This isn't anything like the Houston I remember !"


I enjoy writing Tales in Poetry style...Just hope the average "Poetry Reader" can hang with me and my longer version of Poems...long enough!


Nostalgia takes you back to a place you left like you had only been gone an hour.

A Memory so strong....a Place in time...long ago...Nostalgia has this power.

You might not remember someone's name or the day of the week...

But, you can remember All from long ago...close your eyes, smell, hear, seek.

A little house, long porch, a green yard, baby trees that would grow huge someday.

A Church field where we would all fly kites...each March...or take a kickball to go to play.

Run down the little the end of the block...really it was the end of the city,

That little bayou ran into Big Brays Bayou...but has no name...What a pity.

So simplistic to spend so much time along a place with no name...

Can't remember all those long ago friends names it's all about the same.

It was a simpler time...I think each generation will tell you that...

If you drove by that little bayou can barely see where it is at.

Dad washed his Green Duster or Blue 4 door Chevelle in the drive...

I tried to pop a wheelie on a Gold Schwinn Sting Ray there...Happy to be alive!

Life as a kid was going to School until the Almighty Summer finally got here...

For a kid, Summertime, Halloween, and Christmas...were the best times of the year.

Streetlights were Mom's built in timer to come home; On Every Street you'd find Kids outside playing all day...

And, you know during the Summer...We'd have played well into the night...if our Mom's had let us stay.

Halloween looked like a School Day Morning with kids coming out of houses for as far as you could see...

Trick-or-Treating was still a safe time...Kids went by just ancient his-to-ry.

For blocks and blocks there was nothing but kids in costumes all around...

I remember exactly those Fall nights and what it was like in my part of town.

A.J. Foyt (4 time-Indy Winner) Chevrolet sat next to the DPS, the Library, and "Goofy Golf" Putt-Putt...

"Goofy Golf" was so much fun...with a Pirate Ship...and a "One-eyed Purple People Eater"...Kids now would say "What?"

The Western Edge of Westbury was the end of town...and there was nothing but endless pastureland...

A trail running along the bayou on that Western edge is where all the kids, bikes, mini-bikes, and motorbikes ran.

Beautiful "Westbury Square" was a unique outdoor market when added in 1962...

Now the ruins of the ruins of it sit...unexplained...and Home Depot built 1/2 way through.

Went the way of the "do-do bird"...just like Astroworld and Astrodome...

All great fun landmarks to a kid from back then...who called Southwest Houston his home.

Post Oak had a Burger King, Piggly Wiggly Grocery, KFC, Wyatt's Café, and a Dairy Queen...

When my folks said we we're going "Uptown" for a burger...Going to Post Oak is exactly what they'd mean.

There was a T.G. & Y. Nickel & Dime Store, Weingarten's Grocery, and a Barber to "Westbury Square".

They were near the intersection of Chimney Rock and W. Bellfort...there was a nice little Bank...sitting right there.

Go down a little further down to the High School, Post Office, and a Family-run Hardware Store...

The Hardware guys there knew your name...and though small...had everything a house could need and more.

The Pizza Places were all around...Family owned...or Private enterprise...

They all served out great Pizzas and none were a part of a huge franchise.

I spent a lot of time out on the soccer fields of Westbury Christian, Westland Y, and next to Anderson...

On Saturday...those fields were so full of people...I grew up on those fields...while having fun.

In 1973, we had the most Snow ever for H-town; Days of snowball fights with all our friends...

It stayed on the ground for several days...and looked like our "Snow Days" would never end.

Times changed fast in Houston...around that time...and Westbury...soon added a new subdivision next to it.

The Pastureland became Fondren Southwest...and at the W. Bellfort Dead End...They built the road through it.

No more little bayou on the edge of town...No more quaint little neighborhood...

Time for Westbury to be part of the times...Time for everything to change for good!

You know maybe it was that time...or the People...but it seemed like we knew everyone on our street...and close by...

Folks were super-neighborly back then...even out and about...Folks would politely greet you and say "Hi"!

Just got to say that at that time and place seemed so its normalcy...

But, now lives in my nostalgic a special time and place...stored for my memory.

God takes us to some places we don't want to go...then later...we find we are glad we went.

Me...I grew up in Westbury...I had no choice...But, grateful for the years there I spent.

My (*) "Living Years" there were by far...the best in my young life...a wonderful time...

So very different from later on times...I would soon come to find.

I was lucky enough to go to two schools in part of my education...

Those School times were some of my best times...and now a part of my personal affiliation.

Now looking back at everything...the haircuts, those years, the clothes, and the quality of film taken by a Kodak...

Took me on a much further trip than I had imagined...when I first started to take a look back.

Yes...I know that place and that time...It is the first place in my childhood memory...

So glad I grew up in that time and place...a very special place in time: Westbury.

Now...comes the time...when I'm writing that I should wrap all this up with a bow...

But, I tell you...My Friend...It was great to re-visit back here...I really don't want to go!


Sign -Entering Westbury Houston

Sign -Entering Westbury Houston

My (*) "Living Years" there were by far...the best in my young life...a wonderful time...


Dear HubPage Readers (and Visitors to Hubpages),

The Adventure of Writing anything is that sometimes you find yourself being caught up in it. This happened to me in this Poem. There are a lot of specifics in this Poem. That makes it hard for the person reading who isn't from that place to follow along. However, it is my hope that in reading some of my descriptions...You were able to fill in some of your own descriptions to a special time and place that you remember.

To all you Visiting this HubPage, HubPage Readers, and Writers...HELLO, God Bless...and May the Writing Never Stop! I continue to Mix it up with my love for Poetry Words in Art Form. I am slowly making a comeback here on HubPages...just not today. So until I am back in my 'ol Manly Poetry Man form again...Much Respect and God Be With You on Your Journey!

My Best to You, Manly Poetry Man.

[first draft written (not published) by ManlyPoetryMan: 2019]


© 2021 ManlyPoetryMan

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