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Weren't You Just Here?


Did we just share a cab in New York City
Did we take a wild ride too hard for us to sleep
You won’t forget me, it’s a memory you will keep

I thought I heard you say what’s the use
There’s a road though that has no end (to God)
It’s the one you and me been travelin’ (to God)

Why is it so easy to tell you about way back when
But when I talk today I feel the fear I did back then

If you want me to answer the question
Go ahead and ask instead of me guessing
If I’m lucky I’ll be your mystery revealing

I can’t make it up before it happens
But I can sure dream about you like that (I do)
I want to lay my head where your feet are at (I do)

Why is it so easy to imagine how the room would look
But when you’re there it’s never like I read in the book

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