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We're Living Parallel Lives Very Far Apart


We Live Parallel Lives Very Far Apart

Reality would I know you
If we bumped into one another?
Would you go your way and I, mine ?
Would we stop in our tracks
To discuss the weather
Or whether we gave a crap?
Whether you or I live or die
Is not a question
To an indifferent Universe
Picture a sedition on the open sea
Jesus never said life was free
I believe not in freedom
The choices in life are like the open sea
The rocky row boat spills us
Singing sink, or jump this ship!
There was never a choice

Life the burden, life the chore
Live the life forever more
I face forward and walk that way
Like the busy nuclear atoms
I live my life meted out in half lives
Measured out in in Planck times
Hiding in between, unseen
Everything dies along with Death
Face of the Moon Woman
Who knew upon reflection
The burning light filled Sun
Would dim
Gone, but she spins on darkly
Waiting her phase for the next dance
I fed her my heart meted in daily spoonsful
But we both grew small in the new Dark

Come placating Moon
Your tidal force pulls my Earth into you
Shivering we will both wait
At the banks of the Indus Blue
Back to the river's edge where parts
The blues into the great black
And I am mine again

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