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Well Rested And Focused

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Another Dream Dismantled

It is hard to see

It is hard to accept

When we think up something in our minds

Only a dream

We put it to the test

Working on making that dream something more

A real physical thing

Then we find out our plans have been shattered

Like in blackjack where we were hoping to get twenty-one

Once again we arrive at a very uncomfortable position

We bust

There is no going back

No changing the rules

We have to accept our fate

We ask ourselves the same questions

The same ones from before

Why did this not work?

I didn't see this coming

The past repeated itself

So instead of focusing on the outcome

We have to go back to the facts

Did we do all we could do?

Was there something we overlooked?

Why did this happen again?

Does this all lead us to something so much bigger?

The answer is yes

We will not take no for an answer

Not now not ever

It doesn't mean we are not hurt

Shook up or angry

If anything we have to turn that anger into our strength

Our personal power

Another reason to press on

We see beyond the facts

We see into the future

Going back to dream a bigger dream

To imagine once again what if?

Over time we will see another loop hole

In the hangman's noose

For now we have to take in the pain

The frustration

The failure that goes deep under the skin

Many of us bomb every day

Yes, as much as we want good things to happen

They don't always work in our advantage

It is and always will be our choice

To pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off

Take a deep long breath

It is not the end of the world

The timing wasn't right

We have failed in the past

That doesn't ever mean

We will not make it in the future

I might have to sleep it off

Talk about it for days

Until it runs it's course

Then I will suit up again

As if going to battle

Ready to fight

Not just for a day or two

No something so much more

The fight for our life

Until we make it

We will break it

Be knocked down on our keester

Again and again

Let this not only be a lesson

Something so much more

A driving force

That one day soon

We will be unstoppable

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