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Welcome It's Snow Time

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We Got Snow

I am so happy

The white fluffy stuff

Covering our yard and every tree

From front of my house to the back

It isn't that bad

Many places got hit with ten inches or more

The wind still blowing as I hold my outside metal door

I walk out and get a chance to use my new snow blower

I shoved last night

What can I say

I love to shovel

Now I don't have to if I don't want to

I have a choice

It is light weight and best of all

It runs by battery

Well off to experiment and test out my new toy

Unlike most men who like the biggest, loudest, most powerful

I just want something that is easy and works

That makes me happy

Then all my extra time I can spend

On my wife and my so many different hobbies

With work on my mind

I have to leave earlier than usual

Just in case the roads our bad and slippery

So for those who love snow

Have fun in your winter wonderland

For those who don't

May those large white piles of frustration slowly melt

Then you will have a day

You can go outside and walk

To appreciate and enjoy