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Welcome Again Summer! - Response to Word Challenge by Brenda Arledge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Summer is a time to rejoice and make merry in the outdoors enjoying the pleasant breeze and open sky. We wait for it through the long winter and cool spring and finally that is nature’s warmth that we attain wholeheartedly under the brilliant sunshine. Even in those places where sunshine is severe and harsh, sitting under the shade itself gives that nearness to the heat of the sun that is the source of all energy on this planet called Earth. It is said that the only reason why there is life on Earth is the continuous supply of cosmic heat energy from the Sun to one of the most favourable family members that is the mother Earth.

I like summer and sometimes back I wrote a poem I adore Summer also and now I am inspired and motivated by the word prompt offered by our fellow hubber Brenda Arledge to produce creative writing on the word ‘Summer’. This poem is the culmination of those thoughts only.

Welcome again summer!

Welcome summer, I am waiting for you,

You are the source of energy,

Creating the picturesque hue.

The end of harsh winters and cool springs,

Gives the message of summer,

Huge packets of sunshine it brings.

The warmth of Summer is like Mother’s lap,

The continuous pleasure and delight,

Like a magnificent magical sap.

Summer is the time to go outdoors,

It is a great opportunity for us,

To rejuvenate our clogged pores.

The clear sunshine, the no clouds sky,

It is all so bright and reflective,

Everywhere only the birds fly.

No chilling wind, no freezing river,

Everything is warmer now,

There is nothing to shiver.

Stay for more time, completely embrace us,

We are a part of you only,

Protect and prosper us.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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