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Weighted Tear


Weighted Tear

Sunset rays glisten on past molten memories
Each pathway converges inward, downward,
Winding toward the purity of truth.
Seeing the un-transcended ..me
A fractured reflection of false assertions
Eyes capturing this unsolved equation awaiting proof.
Each resounding question flows
Gliding down these laid pathways of despair
Remembering a time of realness
Remembering comforted moments with you there.
Across lies a story unique and clear reflected in bloodshot brown eyes,
The soundtrack reverberates within,
Pulsating with echoes to the rhythm of a life given,
A life spawned from beloved pride.
Soon to be intangible
At light speed velocity escaping our orbit of dimension 3,
Faces flash clear and framed with laughter
The essence of truth helps me stand taller
The reflection sharpens with me you
You... Me
Afraid and sad I await the inevitable
With mercy faith hope and fear,
Of not your blessed soul which I know
And with your gifted voice I hear,
But of filling your shoes as I step forward into the sunrise
Leaving behind a shadow of weighted tears.


Kaylie on April 29, 2018:

This made my eyes water. I almost cried.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on May 25, 2016:

A touching tribute. Well done.

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