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Week 52 Word Prompt "Adapt" Response: Adapting to Major Changes in My Life Plus Life Update.

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.

Twist and Turns of 2022’s First Quarter and a little Life Update.

Life has given me so much plot twists.

Some surprising and unexpected.

A lot of things,

I have to learn and adapt.

From little changes to ginormous.

I’m lost which step to take, honestly.

Learning a new disease,

Plus knowing you’d have it for the rest of your life.

First, it’s already difficult to explain how it is conceived.

Let alone to manage how to live with it.

I still don’t know where I’m at.

Am I improving? Are there any progress?

At some point,

You’ll realize, this is already the life I should live by.

You’ll never know when a relapse or lesions will come.

Just like my menstruation and mood swings.

Life is full of surprises.

Some funny, most of them not so.

There’ll be times, even if you aren’t ready for it,

You’ve got no choice but to deal with it.

It’s frustrating to deal with last minute changes.

But if you can think fast to resolve it, I salute you.

Life has taught me to think in advance.

But never let the thoughts of future spoil the present.

We just have to be equipped and ready,

In case something happens that’s totally unexpected.

It’s better to be prepared in advance,

Than to be sorry and feeling restless/helpless later on.

Lately, I’ve been wondering.

There might come a day, I lose all my memories.

Maybe one day,

I’d forget everything and become forgetful.

I’m afraid that,

No one in this world except me, will be able to remember.

Who I was, What I am, and those moments special to me.

If I only share it to myself, who will remember it if I forget them?

I began writing a journal of all thoughts and memories.

So if I forget them later, it will help me remind some of those memories.

It’s not a secret that people with MS have cognitive problems.

Growing up, I had always foresee that I will have troubles with my brain.

It’s hard to think and decide when you suddenly can’t remember.

Things you should be doing, appointments, and what has happen within the day.

Let alone plan on your schedule.

It’s nice if you can remember it all in your head, but if not, write it down.

Sometimes after a long nice sleep,

We forget a huge percentage of the things we promised to remember.

How do we retrieve it then especially if it’s an important matter?

I learned to make it as a habit to write things down while it’s still fresh on my memory.

Because once it has slipped of your head,

It’ll be difficult to remember what it was about.

Also, I have learned a couple of coping mechanisms.

Eating a lot when you’re stressed is not one of them.

Whenever I feel I’m getting devoured by darkness and sadness again,

I try to get myself out and be somewhere I’d feel hope and that I’m a human.

Where I can feel that everything is fine.

Whenever I feel that I’m about to lose my sanity once again.

Whenever I feel that I have been feeling not myself lately,

I find a place to redeem that energy and find a reason to be happy.

I always tend to go out and explore different places for a reason.

It’s nice to see that people are also fighting so hard on their lives just to get by.

That whatever I’m going through is totally normal and absolutely fine.

I’m not alone and surely there are people who empathize with me.

Some of them may have already went pass through it.

If they were able to overcome it, it gives me hope I can too.

It’s nice to see people enjoying the day in broad daylight or late at night.

Doesn’t matter if they are simple ones or rich, what color they represent.

With all the negativity circulating around the world,

It feels so nice to see little children having so much fun with their families.

At this age of time, I feel only a few of the total world population,

Appreciates the effort of having quality time with loved ones.

It’s a rare opportunity nowadays.

To be complete and spend one whole day with your family.

It’d usually take so much effort.

Just to make it happen, and to make sure the day is spent wisely.

Going out on different places,

I have learn a lot of things about life.

I have overheard stories of people.

Some unusual, some interesting, some resonates with how I see life.

To be able to blend well in your circle, you must first get to know your people.

Learn how they are, what they do, their needs, then begin and initiate a conversation.

To maintain a sustainable relationship, you must understand them well and proper.

Be transparent, show some respect and decency. Treat them the way you want to be treated.

One thing to remember.

In life, every chapter will always come to an end to welcome a new chapter.

It will sometimes be difficult to get pass through it or to move forward,

But leave the past behind and only bring along with you the lessons from yesterday.

This will serve as your guide and stepping stones.

So that you’ll never lose your way to the right path.

Choose to be creative when dealing with tough situations on hand.

Even when it’s your first time, make it memorable and enjoyable.

Who knows, it may be your first and last.

It’s better to be happy than to regret not enjoying it while it last.

Life can take you to exciting and thrilling scenarios.

Ready or not, you’ll certainly be in for a ride that will change your life.

Just always remember to buckle up.

Keep your faith. Take a deep breath. It will be over soon.

You can always ask for guidance if you aren’t sure of what to do.

And it’s totally fine not to know or be knowledgeable about everything.

Because learning never stops so long as you live.

What’s wrong is that if you refuse to be educated and be corrected.

Appreciate little things and be thankful to be having them.

Because others are unlikely to experience, or receive what you have.

Live simple without trying to complicate and over think things so much.

Smile and bring sunshine to people suffering huge storms in their lifetime.

It’s difficult to adapt to big changes but certainly we can all learn to manage.

After all, we won’t be able to make it this far if we weren’t able to surpass the changes in our lives.

By helping one another take a step at a time,

We can create a huge difference to the lives of millions.

And when we all manage to get thru, hand-in-hand,

That’s love and victory shared for all.

Stay blessed and always be safe.


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