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Weeding out the Bad Apples From the Human Batch

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Journey to the center of my private universe

Tougher than many would believe it to be

Cheaper than booking a plane ticket to the Bahamas

Emotionally draining in dealing with things that go bump in the night

Imaginary monsters that cause Rocky to crumble in fright

Therapy for the mind, body and soul

Not as cliché as many made it out to be

Truly about confronting the triggers that plague you

While finding out that you're more worthy of happiness

Than you or other questionable characters deemed it so

Had a few rough days of finding a happy medium in daily life

Hard to stay calm or above sea level on a regular basis

Started off the morning on top of the world like James Cagney

Only be face down in a water fountain via 1983's Scarface

Name dropping pop culture references a coping mechanism

For potential or self-manufactured inadequacies plaguing my thoughts

Wondered what it would be like to be insecurity free

Not have to worry about pleasing or offending people

Causing controversy left and right, while not giving a hoot about it

A modern day Madonna type without the attention grabbing tendencies

Enough attention deflecting right now; time to get to the truth of the matter

Difference between fact and salacious rumors wished to be fantasies

Getting to pack a bag or two for a voyage of a lifetime

This trip is more therapeutic than anything else

Organizing what's important and what can be discarded

Maintaining healthy meaningful relationships

Disposing the ones who do nothing but cut you down to size

You know the ones.

The kids who run around with scissors cutting holes in every parade float

Ones who want to rain on everyone else's happiness carnival just because

Time to eradicate those individuals from your phone contacts

Unfriend them on all social media websites

Stick with the people who love and support you for who you are

Not to sound like a greeting card, but accurate nonetheless

Ready for a new year with new opportunities to be happy for a change.

Time to take a trip. You pick the destination.

Time to take a trip. You pick the destination.

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