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Wedding of Night and Day

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A sole shadow riding the city.
Or just in my mind a confusion of memory ?
Silhouette of soul or silhouette of body ?

I living the night, I feel she is coming.
I taking the day, I feel she is fleeting.

I expecting the time to go to that temple.
Is it of sun rays?
Or dome of neon?

The play is already written.
But it is yet not acted.

My real creed ?
Or a nymph from the stars hatching ?

Awaking under the night, I feel its presence in any crossroad.
Sleeping during the day, sometimes I do not distinguish in the penumbras.

A ghost from the sky?
Or from what kind of abyss?

The lunch is of meat, the dinner of fruit.

Such a thing known as love? …

Or is it something else? ...


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