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Wedded to Your Fingers for Eternity. Tuesday's Inspiration 12, to My Bhaia Ji Umesh Chandra Bhatt

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

A Pageantry of Colours


Wedded to Your Fingers for Eternity

They say I’m a lyrical genius,

And perhaps there’s some merit here;

Yet I would love to be that diamond glint,

Wedded to Your fingers for eternity.

How beautiful are memories, full of golden

Yesterdays, my longing nestling on Your radiant

Heart, like the scent of fresh flowers, guided

By zephyrs to a meadow of dreams fulfilled.

Alas! Today I sing with a weary voice, and though

My Rhythm and Blues float, like that of nightingales,

There are so many worries hidden in my songs! I recall

When the moon bathed our hearts through the shadows

Of the nights; how we dazzled in silence like radiant lights.

But my days are not so good now, and last night was bleak.

It was the 14th day of lockdown and I spent it in agony,

Dreaming of what was, with nerves frayed like damaged fuses.

The Healing Power of Light


Not so long ago, I was bemused by a plethora

Of beauty. The moon and sun sat at my table,

And I mingled in the ocean of my own Light. The stars

Came singing a thousand ballads, and I rose at dawn,

Like a lion, roaring the message of freedom to the breeze.

But we come and go on Life’s pendulum, where all is

Transient. A stark pill to swallow as I pray … that

Heaven will bless my soul with glory.

Alas! Worries envelop me, and an amazing moonlight,

Aglow with good intentions, passes me by and I guess

I won’t be dreaming of solace any time soon.

I go all ugly in my current demise, forgetting that

There’s always beauty within. I’m like a Shakespearean

Tragedy, breathing a tapestry of coloured mists, as

Exquisite as a velvet glove. As such, I wallow in it,

My tears like one looting … looting a burning house.

I shirk away, like cats who hide their paws when

Approached; only the wax on a candle knows my weeping.

Something has stolen away my happiness and I feel like

Love’s Lover, who cannot let go of the burden of grieving.

I want to fight, but expression is a slow process for

Me in my abyss, and neither would drastic medicine

Work, as I’m not so receptive to Your Love. So I lament

How things were at my zenith of beauty, fall in love with

The ways of the Spirit, seeking the Himalayas … of Light.

They say I’m a lyrical genius,

And perhaps there’s some merit here.

Yet I would love to be that diamond glint,

Wedded to Your fingers for eternity.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 27th September, 2020.


Wise words from Sri Chinmoy

"God's compassion

Always gives to me.

It never takes anything from me.

Constant giving, is its game eternal.

This giving, remains an eternal beginning,

With no end." - Sri Chinmoy

The Power of Light

© 2020 manatita44

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