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Weather Today in Poetry: The Rain Knows My Life Story

Tim Truzy is a poet, short-story author, and he is currently working on several novels.

Rain beating on the roof can be a soothing rhythmic noise or very haunting.

Rain beating on the roof can be a soothing rhythmic noise or very haunting.

I Cherish the sound of Rain

Rain fall against windows and the roof can be hypnotic and promote calmness. In fact, I sleep well in rainy weather and have some of my most creative thoughts. I truly understand the power of stormy weather to motivate writing, and I believe great masters of fiction and nonfiction tapped into what nature provided in order to reach others. For example, showers in novels and poetry can symbolize a shift in mood or situation. Rain can foreshadow darker events, such as self-destruction, or represent a chance for renewal. Downpours can be versatile in literary works.

Sitting outside my childhood home in a sheltered space, I was always fascinated by the chorus of raindrops hitting an old house down the road with thunderous verses moving a stormy tune along for the day. For this reason, I’ve included songs with their release year and the artists after my poem. I pondered what water from the sky may have been saying on those cloud filled days, and a tune may echo those sentiments. There are also a few facts about rain fall in this article. Enjoy my poem: The Rain Knows My Life Story.


It’s fun to catch raindrops in a jar or observe rain on a flower.

It’s fun to catch raindrops in a jar or observe rain on a flower.

The Rain Knows My Life Story

Precipitation pleasure blossoming,

Single drops dripping into my jar on the ledge,

Edge of sky rolling down in clouds,

Finding my windowsill,

Claiming my widow hill,

Where resting spiders gone for sleep to the pounding deluge.

Stillness the omission thoughts astray,

With water on a mission,

To alleviate agonies made and unheard of today.

Showers cleansing my feet, head, and shoulders,

Showers rinsing the Earth clean,

From humankind petty and mean,

From human kindness cities and streams.

A spice sprinkle of intangibles:

To wash away and give life taste,

In the flavorless falling patterns.

And you know each of us, Raindrops?

Circulating through Neanderthal and Denisova,

Even through Christ and Buddha beyond today.

All the way from space:

Hydrogen mating with oxygen birthing mortality,

Reality from surrealistic drama,

All the way from the earth I walk on.

Let it rain life.

Let it rain life.

What stories you could tell?

What secrets do you hold?

What glory you have known?

Brought from yester year ledge at my home.

In a tiny jar wanting to be a barrel,

Hunger hastens to be a lake,

Craving to be the ocean,

Alas, a fraction of wet nothing.

My body keeps those tales,

Silent and quiet over 75 percent,

My head closed lid while feet roll when tilted,

A jar of inertia and stillness.

I long a rogue wave,

Crashing on foreign shores,

Following ships-forceful and noticed,

Or a drip from my faucet,

Making small waves in my sink,

With tales of where I’ve been,

Cleansing, going down the drain,

To someday forge a new drop of rain.

I’ve read a particle can hold three positions simultaneously quantum level,

0, 1, 2, and probably more,

Becoming a large wave,

Each state meaningful and irrational,

Each point drops of the drizzle of time.

And the stable space rushing by a jar,

Filling with downward momentum and moments,

From clouds still pouring rumble,

Secrets I only hear in splashes and beats.

Keep telling my story.

Sail on through the fog and rain because a tale awaits.

Sail on through the fog and rain because a tale awaits.


A Few Fun Facts About Rain on Earth and Beyond

Rain in literature can symbolize extensive moods and scenarios because people experience rainy weather in practically every corner of the world. In fact, the place on Earth which receives the most rain is located in India. In the United States, Hawaii is noteworthy for the amount of rainfall there each year. The state of Nevada gets the least amount of rain in America. But on other planets, rain falls as well.

In our solar system, planets rain sulfuric acid in deadly chemical mixtures. The planet Venus is believed to also rain methane along with the moon, Titan. Jupiter and Saturn may have diamond rain. Scientists have discovered one world nearly 5,000 light years away from our part of the galaxy where precipitation is iron globs. However, to stay drier in downpours on Earth, running for shelter seems to reduce the amount of raindrops wetting your clothes.

Once inside, you may wish to listen to a tune about rain like the ones below. I chose from different genres with titles because rain reaches us all in some way. But there are many other songs which you can find and listen to on the internet. Explore and have fun.

Why blame the rain? Sing a song about the downpour instead.

Why blame the rain? Sing a song about the downpour instead.

Songs with Rain in the Title

  1. Adele (2011). Set Fire to the Rain.
  2. B. J. Thomas. (1969). Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.
  3. Brook Benton. (1970). Rainy Night in Georgia.
  4. Carpenters. (1971). Rainy Days and Mondays.
  5. Creedence Clearwater Revival. (1970). Have you Ever Seen the Rain?
  6. Creedence Clearwater Revival. (1970). Who'll Stop the Rain. (1970).
  7. Eddie Rabbitt. (1975). I Love a Rainy Night.
  8. Elvis Presley. (1969). Kentucky Rain.
  9. Led Zeppelin. (1979). Fool in the Rain.
  10. Milli Vanilli. · (1989). Blame it on the Rain.
  11. Prince. (1984). Purple Rain.
  12. The Temptations. (1968). I Wish It would Rain.
  13. The Weather Girls. (1983). It’s Raining Men.
  14. Willy Nelson. (1975). Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.

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