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We See No Changes


We see no changes in our midst,

No hope for the current generation lifespan

Or is it the forefathers that forced the spell to split us?

Why there is much mirage on a people’s hope.

And the heroes hearts bleed and yet no bloodshed from the heart.

A mother struggling to see her child through

The tough journey of schooling.

Her husband she says

Long lost and disappeared at her child’s birth.

She loses no hope, since the sun still sets on the

Homes of the heroes and the frail.

A father feeling furious for his son’s actions

He sees shame and deception drain in his fibbery face

He can’t stand it, his once cherished shied and treasure

Of a family’s hope has turned out to be the City’s threat.

The sound of the bewitching breaks his heart as he’s left living

In fear of a shocking news of a sudden arrest.

At the break of dawn, another child has disappeared!

It’s weeks since one was found mutilated and burnt.

No evidence yet discovered of the one responsible.

And the children live in fright, the safe playgrounds

Are now full of wild creatures that creep unnoticed.

And vanish with their friends and family members

Never to be spotted only on the covers of the newspapers.

She wants the best life for herself,

Envies the socialites lives on social media.

Her interests have become ravenous

And like the hawk, she spots her preys from a distance.

She says she is better off rich in a lease life

Than live in a pitiable life- her wishful dreams are real.

But, against her wish.

Who cares? She is happy anyway

and better off than her fake friends !

Parties, expensive shoes and clothes

Vacation in Paris and Dubai.

All her needs she gets at the blink of her eyes.

And her big daddy loves her happy

At the expense of his wife and children.

Another man cries desperately. The love of his life

Has eloped with her lover

He says he schooled her,

Paid her tuition fees and

And gave his best to have her a better future.

He watches his house scramble and fall.

The rising sun has decided to set at noon

Paving way for the dark night clouds

Which may never bring peace to the broken man’s heart.

And people blame and tag him for his stupid moves.

We see no changes , responsible doctor is currently procuring an abortion.

He sensitizes on saving a life and again ,

He is the first one to slit the throat of an infant.

He neglects his dying patient and says he has seen such a many cases.

The lawyer takes the bribe and the cases lost in court.

The fake prophet feeds and feed on his lambs and none remains as same.

And the aspirant feeds on his votes long before they are casted.

And give false promises to the humankind

to celebrates at the wake of dawn and cry at the fall of reign.

The use and abuse of power

Has left them trying to brave the bullets and bombs.

And fight for their freedom.

And stay together in fear

And they stay in lost hopes

And they thrive and thrive

And yet, they see no changes.

By Millicent Akinyi Okello

© 2022 Millicent Okello

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