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We Never Knew Love

If only you knew
This would isolate you
You would have thrown it away
Never to see day

If you continue this path
You shall have to fath
This is not to blame
For to hurt is its aim

We are all just alone
Inside out on our own
We are never with anyone
Navigating through life's grand plan

Eat and drink, work and sleep
No different from cattle and sheep
We see only what meets the eye
Wasting existence as it passes by

For what use is breath
When we only wait for death?
The book of our lives would rot in their shelves
When we only think of ourselves

Oh how hopeless are we
That we could only wish to flee
The perils of life and the fear of death
That we fight and struggle until our last

For what are we
In the face of the galaxy?
Just a little existence,
Who get caught in what happens

And yet how quick is it?
That we go down in a fit
Of crying and wailing
Our weakness and dying

To growing a heart
Where each and every part
We so nurtured to stone
As if hurt is something it can never condone

Why then try in vain
When love thrives in pain
Do we seek for its presence
Where we lack sacrifice's essence?

For what is it worth
That we were given birth?
When waste this gift from above
Because we never know love

I so deeply lament
This kind of treatment
From a loveless generation
Of people who all need salvation.

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