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We have Daylight

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Do We Continue Where We Left Off

I like to change things up and add in something new

Ideas come and go so quickly

Who has time to start from the very beginning?

I do

Who wants to see improvements?

I do

There are so many avenues to pick from

I feel like I am downtown and see streets pointing in every direction

Pick one, anyone?

Once I begin to walk I see a variety of stores

All of different interests

Window shopping I will go

Looking at all the wonderful things

I don't have to buy

I just want to dream

What if I bought this

Then it could go here

Then again I could buy this

I am sure it would like great

As my head filled up with all sorts of fantasies

It felt like that everything I wanted had a place

Then as I left one store to another

Those dreams were quickly replaced with new ones

Every so often I could feel my heart skip a beat

Then as I walked down one street to the next

My fantasies grew bigger than the clouds in the sky

I did alot of walking

My imagination was on overdrive

I took a deep breath

Let out one big, long, laugh

As I went home

With nothing more than my clothes on my back

Dreaming is so much fun

We can imagine everything we ever wanted

Then again we can be so happy just as we are