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We Are the Rain

Hear it, as it is music when the rain starts to drop

That grows flora, cools fauna, soothes the air, softens soil

Filling up rivers, ponds and the like when drought bumps.

Feel it, as it's refreshment to your body and soul

That washes away fears that locked up the true you

Pacify your system when it is in rage.

Hold it, as it bears your survival; of us all

Not above the reason why you are here, striving

Until the sin that was brought, mankind falls.

Taste it, bitter as it seems; fruit of the wrongdoings

Ozone's depleting, pollutants are everywhere

Why can't you just do tree planting in your backyard?

Splash it, want to waste! You're not valuing life

Vices here and there; not taking proper diet

Life span shorten, time fast stricken, blessings uncherished.

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