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We Are the One Who Make or Ruin Ourselves

Anupam, an English teacher, is extremely sensitive & expresses her emotions in poems. She is pursuing Masters in Psychology at present.


We are What We are

No soul makes you popular

Nor can it ruin who you are;

We all have our own way to move,

It's all about what we leave or choose;

Despite the ups and downs ahead

It's all about the height you achieved;

No soul creates the inner thunder

Of your life's eternal dream or desire.

It is the spirit who lies within you

The one who keeps on guiding you,

Whether there is light or dark around

It keeps on making you safe and sound.

No other soul leaves you or loves you

It's all within that hates you or hurts you,

That makes you ecstatic or blesses you,

Nothing else can get the place of inner you.

What you feel or preserve as a memory

Is nothing more than a fictional story,

To create your desired happy history

Retain the remote control of your glory.

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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