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We Are Only Stewards in This Universe


In the book of Genesis,

God created the heaven, the earth and the sea.

God created Sun that give light to the earth

Moon and stars that give light in the night.

God created birds that fly in the sky

The fish that swim in the sea,

The wild beast that govern the forest

God created all animals that live on earth.

God created tress bearing fruits

The trees bearing seeds and vegetables

God created us of his image and likeness.

Wow! how beautiful it is the creation of God.

Today, the creation of God is no longer perfect,

It was distorted by human invention, that can cause baldness

to our green forest.

The water in the river flows are not clean and safe.

The beautiful corals in our sea slowly disappear,

There is now the climate change,

If we want to fight against it,

We must follow the Republic Act 9003 "The Act of providing Ecological Solid Management".

If we want to inhale fresh air?

We keep our environment clean.

We must take good care of it.

Don't burn plastic containers.

It is easy to segregate from biodegradable to non-biogredable garbage

According to the collector slogan said

"no segregation, no collection".

We are only the steward in this universe

We must take good care in our surroundings

We watch against the abusers to our forest

That is the one way that God creation must be protected.

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