We Will Always Need Our Dad

Updated on February 24, 2018

I wrote this for my father in 2002, when my younger brother was grown and left home. My parents are divorced and only my brother lived with him, so this was his first (and only) empty nest experience. My father was very masculine and didn't show his feelings much, until he got older and softened a bit, but I knew it was hard on him.

I lost my father very unexpectedly in 2010, and yes, I still need him and talk to him daily. I miss him terribly. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I get answers in the form of signs. Always follow the signs.

My father and I, laughing together on my prom day.
My father and I, laughing together on my prom day.

It isn't said often enough

That though you're soft, you seem so tough

I know you're sad because we're grown

Paying bills and on our own

You may think it's over; we don't need you anymore

But let me tell you all the things we still need you for

When times are tough and money's tight

Though we try with all our might

Not to ask you for your aid

Because our pride gets in the way

We know deep down not to fear

Because our Dad is always near

When sleep won't come to us at night

And we're not sure just what's right

We come to you for your advice

To have you care is just so nice

You tell us about when you were a kid

And all of the wonderful things you did

We love to hear it every time

And listen closely line by line

And even when we're down and out

Your jokes can make us laugh out loud

You cheer us up and help us out

We need you Dad, without a doubt

So you see we need you still

And 20 years from now we will

Even when we're old and gray

We'll still need you every day

Because you know we love you Dad

You are the best friend that we have

So don't feel sad and all alone

Where family is, is always home

© 2018 Angela Tagliamonte


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